Effective Outcomes

Those who support the Foundation count on it to achieve two goals. First, they look to the Foundation to assist the DAV National Organization, its Departments and Chapters in carrying out their service mission on an ongoing, real-time basis. Second, they want the Foundation to hold funds in trust, building a base of financial strength for ill and injured veterans as they face an ever-uncertain future.

As veterans of the wars of the 20th century age, they require more services and medical attention than ever. Yet, as their programs struggle to recover from decades of cuts, those programs face a tidal wave of ever-rising demand as the new generation returns with ever-growing needs.

Facing the short and long-term consequences of this challenging time, the DAV National Service Foundation has its work cut out for it. But the determination to prevail is there, because our duty to America’s veterans stands above all else.

Effective Outcomes            Effective Outcomes

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