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About NSF

About NSF

A Nonprofit Organization

DAV National Service Foundation is a tax-exempt organization, and all contributions made to it are tax deductible.

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia. It is exempt from tax under Title 26 U.S.C., Section 501(c)(4). Contributions to the Foundation are deductible pursuant to 26 U.S.C., Section 170(c).

Maybe you or someone you know is among the millions of veterans who received help from the DAV – when help was desperately needed. Perhaps you’re a member of a veteran’s family, who felt lost and alone until you crossed paths with the DAV and its Auxiliary. Or you could be one of the millions of Americans who understand and appreciate how much our sick and injured veterans gave when they sacrificed their blood and their health for their country – a loyal person who simply wants to ensure that assistance will always be there for our nation’s wounded servicemen and women.

You can show your thanks and compassion for their sacrifices by making a gift to the DAV National Service Foundation. You’ll be supporting DAV’s many programs that help to restore the lives of those who gave so much for all of us!

Our Mission

Empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.

Our History

Incorporated in 1931, the Foundation was established to assist in raising funds for DAV National Organization initiatives.

Our Governance

The Foundation maximizes direct support of programs and initiatives for the honorable men and women who have served.

Our Policies and Procedures

The Foundation is administered in accordance with policies and procedures.