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Our Governance

Our Governance

The DAV National Service Foundation ensures that the DAV’s National Service Program and other service initiatives will always be available for the ever-changing needs of veterans. In order to maximize the direct support of the National Service Program and initiatives, the Foundation takes care to keep administrative costs low.

Members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors contribute to this objective through voluntary service, without compensation. They conduct all business fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner, and in compliance with all laws and regulations. They perform duties as directors in such manner that donors’ confidence and trust in the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of the Foundation are conserved and enhanced.

Administration of the key business operations is conducted by DAV (Disabled American Veterans) personnel who provide this support on a limited basis. The Foundation does not employ any individuals.

Board of Directors

The Foundation’s Board of Directors conducts all business with a high standard of ethics, applying their best efforts, skills and resources to benefit their fellow ill and injured veterans.


The Foundation’s key business operations are conducted by DAV personnel for the fulfillment of the purposes of the organization.